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"Koetsu was always saying that Japanese swords were created not to kill or injure people but to maintain the imperial rule and protect the nation, to subdue devils and drive out evil. The sword is the samurai's soul; he carries it for no other purpose than to maintain his own integrity. It is an ever-present admonition to the man who rules over other men and seeks in doing so to follow the Way of Life" - From Eiji Yoshikawa's book 'Musashi'

Eventually Musashi gave up fighting with the steel sword, he believed that the wooden sword was a superior weapon. After winning more than sixty duels, defeating whole schools, and creating the two-sword style, Musashi decided that there was a superior weapon yet. So, he retired to a Reigandou cave as a hermit and took up his final weapon, the pen. He wrote 'The Book of Five Rings', and some said he gave up combat, but that wasn't true.

For Musashi, there was no opponent, there was no sword. It was all him. The sword was his soul, and he honed it always toward perfection. There was no death, there was no combat outside of him. Any duel he fought was won or lost inside his head before the first blow struck. Such was his writing. Such is all writing.

So, I, too, pick up my soul, my sword--my pen--and endeavor here to put, in skirmish and flourish of inspiration, the internal duels that will help to hone my skill--my soul--as a writer, a man, and as a creature beyond this body, this world, and its limits.