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The Soul Polisher's Shop

12th January, 2006. 4:41 am. François (Jan 2004)(mantid)

A little story of utter silliness, written while sitting in Ridgedale Mall, of all places. Unfinished (unfinishable?).

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12th January, 2006. 4:35 am. Emshular Heirs (Feb 2004)(mantid)

This is a little snippet of an idea for a character in some oligarchic perhaps fantasy world. In any case it's a bit of satire on the practices of nobility, its ensurance of power, and its (over-simplified, romanticized) representation by many modern writers.

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12th January, 2006. 4:25 am. Ghosts Dance at Night (Sept 2003)(mantid)

Perhaps one of my favorite little stories. A little Palahniuk edge, and a lovely ending (for me). Not, perhaps, my deepest story, but finished, and hence, amazing.

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17th October, 2005. 4:00 am. The Fairy Knight (Sept 05)(mantid)

A somewhat over-simplified exploration of the Fairy Tale genre, Shakespeare'd past a moral. Passingly long. Finished!

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10th October, 2004. 11:24 am. Untitled SF (In Progress)(mantid)

A Sci-Fi story as I explore writing in the genre. From perhaps a more Heinlein/Ellison feel than a modern.

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